NARS announces leadership changes

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NARS announces leadership changes
by Ryan Smith 19 Jun 2019
NARS announces leadership changes
National third-party claims administrator North American Risk Services (NARS) has announced the appointment of Judy Floyd as vice president of quality assurance. The appointment returns Floyd to a department where the foundations of the company’s best practices and auditing procedures were developed under her initial direction 10 years ago.

Floyd is transitioning to the role from her current position as director of general liability. She will be succeeded in that role by Donna Biondich. Biondich has more than 37 years of industry experience at various carriers including Northland Insurance Companies, Colony Specialty (Argo Group) and Caliber One.

“Delivering excellent claims service is our primary focus,” said Robert Ruryk, NARS president and CEO. “Judy’s role is essential in ensuring quality across all of the programs we handle and is a testament to our commitment to serve as a leader in the claims and insurance industry. We are also thrilled to welcome Donna to our team. She came highly recommended by countless colleagues, and we know her leadership and vision will support our general liability department as our portfolio continues to grow and diversify.”

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